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One Piece : Stampede Movie the best in anime

This one piece battle is the future battle that he faces with his pirate crew, surely this anime will be considered the most anticipated movie right? this Japanese anime film has accompanied us for a very long time

The only weakness of One Piece: Stampede is that it’s going to be too dense, insane, and overwhelmingly full of lore for the casual viewer. If someone just happens to wander into a screening, good lord, I can’t even imagine what their experience will be like. Sure, it’ll still be an over-the-top action flick that keeps upping its own stakes while giving a massive cast of characters time to shine, and sure, the emotional character beats will still ring true whether you have spent years with them or not, but One Piece: Stampede is infinitely more rewarding for the fans.

And yet, it’s a standalone story, meaning anything that happens here doesn’t necessarily have any impact on the greater arcs of One Piece. Somehow that doesn’t prevent the narrative from having quite the powerful punch, whether it’s from lead heroes like Luffy flinging himself into glorious battle against impossible odds or supporting characters like Usopp getting into the mix in his own special way. Many of your favorites from over the years–some of whom may surprise you–pop up, even if it’s just for a moment, while newcomers like the main antagonist Douglas Bullet the Demon Heir make one hell of an impression. Bola Deposit Pulsa And they’re all gathered together for one reason: To beat each other to a pulp in the hopes of getting their hands on a piece of Gol D. Rogers’ ultimate treasure.

But it’s not long before a grave threat arises to put an end to all the fun fisticuffs and frivolity. Luckily the Straw Hat pirates and their allies are up to the task of taking on Bullet, who’s quite imposing even without the aid of his Devil Fruit powers. And while the usual team-ups get shaken up a little bit–leading to some crazy temporary partnerships you won’t see coming–in the end, the victory will come down to Luffy’s innate ability to form friendships rather than his Conqueror’s Haki or Gum-Gum techniques. There’s still quite a lot of fighting put on display during nearly every minute of the 1-hour-and-41-minute runtime, but the story’s a worthy one as well.

Be sure to stick around after the battle’s over and the smoke clears because there are not only some awesome scenes during the credits but a post-credits scene, too. It clarifies some of the decisions made by Luffy during the course of the movie and, if you haven’t been paying attention to the manga or the anime, reveals some close-knit relationships in the process. It also nicely wraps up the events of Stampede and allows the pirates, Marines, and revolutionaries spread all over the world’s oceans to continue their adventures unfettered. In short, it’s a perfect place of refuge on the vast sea that is the 20+ year story of Oda’s One Piece, one that absolutely must be seen on the big screen.